Myth vs Facts: Top 5

We al have few facts thrown at us time and again from elders, websites, friends and other baby moms. Here are a few myth vs facts that might help you find out what you believe in:

1. Oil massage are “Old” – A massage does no harm and helps in blood circulation and extending the muscles of your baby and followed by a warm bath post a massage helps your baby sleep better.

2. New mothers should eat bland food – Most mothers can eat almost everything and the same is transferred to the baby through the feeds. Highly allergic foods like nuts, soy and diary are however avoidable in the early days.

3. Natural ingredients are better than baby Soaps and Shampoos – Most natural ingredients available in the market are not pure and could cause allergies or rashes. Baby products have been created specifically with ingredients that don’t harm babies and are thus recommended.

4. Picking up a crying baby will spoil them – most babies look to their parents for comfort as they grow. Picking up a crying baby assures them of safety and comfort as they grow.

5. A new born should be kept at home – Most babies benefit from sunlight and fresh air and should not be cooped up at home.


Until Next Time,

Team ScioMom


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