Tips to develop your baby’s brain

Top 10 things that babies would love to do and will also help them grow familiar to their environment and develop their brain:

1. Talk to your baby like you would to an adult. Sing for them. Rhymes and songs are both great for language development.

2. Read books and show them pictures of animals, letters, numbers – use books, use cards and other visual stimulation would be great

3. Make them aware of their body. Tickle their toes and play games involving the toes, eyes,
nose, etc. Make funny faces, puff your cheeks, touch your nose, move your eyebrows and
anything else you can think of

4. Lie down and play with your baby. Use toys and any other aids to chat, crawl, turn and play with your child

5. Take your baby out – show them cars, houses, trees, animals, birds or just take them to a mall to look around and get familiar with the world around them

6. Play peekaboo.

7. Make your baby touch different surfaces to understand colour, shapes and textures and play with food items.

8. Count everything – Start with the toes and fingers and make it a habit to always count everything the baby sees loudly.

9. Take your baby out – Walk in the park, get wet in the rain, go for a swim. Different experience helps a baby grow

10. Dress up your baby and make them look at the mirror. Play and sing looking at the mirror. Reinforcement is great for a baby.


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