How to store breast milk?

Hello busy mama! We get that you want to know about storing breast milk for your baby, breast is best we know. Here are tips on how to do it correctly:
What kind of containers should I use to store breast milk?
A range of clean breast milk storage bottles works well for storing breast milk. Here are some suggestions:
• Glass with leak proof lid
• Hard, BPA-free plastic
• Breast milk freezer bags
You’ll want to avoid thin disposable feeding bottle liners or plastic sandwich bags for storing milk in the freezer because they can split when frozen.

How much breast milk to store?
Store only the amount of milk your baby will have, it is better to warm more milk later.

How long can you store breast milk?
Storing breast milk depends on the amount of time and how you plan to store it, store breast milk in the coldest corner of your freezer as it is less likely to defrost or become warm there.
If your baby is pre term or at the hospital it is advisable to ask your baby’s healthcare provider.
While it’s true that the longer your milk is stored, the more vitamins and antioxidants it loses, it’s also true that stored breast milk still has more health benefits than formula, so it’s worth it to continue to pump and store milk for your baby.

Until Next Time,
Team ScioMom


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