Diaper vs Nappy!

Diaper or Nappy is an age old debate, grandmothers says stick to nappies but with our hectic schedule diapers becomes a saviour for our little one.

A newborn needs about 10–12 cloth nappy changes every day and an older infant needs about 6–8 nappy changes every day. For proper care of your newborn it is essential to change baby’s nappy frequently to prevent them from wetness, rashes and infections.

Cloth nappies are excellent for your baby and if you have the time to change their wet nappies then why not!

While nappies are excellent to avoid diaper rash, wet nappies when kept long can make your baby catch a cold or fall sick.
It is difficult to get up middle of the night and change your babies nappy, plus you would not want your baby to wake up middle of the night from their sleep.

Diapers come in handy at this hour as they let your baby sleep peacefully and not let them fall sick.

Until Next Time,
Team ScioMom

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