Breastpumps: How to & Why

A pump can be a very useful tool for a new mother to have even if she intends to exclusively breastfeed her child.

How to use:

  • The key for successful breast milk expression is stimulating your let-down reflex. Massage your breasts before and occasionally during pumping to encourage your let-down and milk flow. Discomfort or pain will hamper your let-down.
  • Pump at Maximum Comfort Vacuum. The Maximum Comfort Vacuum is the highest vacuum a mother can tolerate and still be comfortable. You can determine your own Maximum Comfort Vacuum by increasing the vacuum until pumping feels slightly uncomfortable (not painful), then decreasing the vacuum slightly.
  • Double pump: Switch from one side to the other multiple times


Why to breastpump?

  • By expressing her own breastmilk, a mother can continue to feed her child only breastmilk even when they must be apart during baby’s meal times.
  • For many new mothers, returning to work shortly after giving birth is a reality, but by pumping and storing milk while at work a mother can continue to provide her baby with breastmilk as long as she would like.
  • When mom expresses breastmilk for later feedings, dad and older siblings can give feedings to help mom and bond with the new baby.
  •  In order to provide breastmilk for a premature baby that is too weak to breastfeed a mother can use a hospital grade pump to express milk for feedings. A pump will also provide breast stimulation to increase and maintain a sufficient supply of milk.
  • When a mother’s breasts are overly full and engorged with breastmilk, she can use a breast pump to express enough milk to provide relief from pain.
  • A mom can pump and store an emergency supply of breastmilk in her freezer to use for feedings in case she becomes sick or needs to take medication
  • If a mother’s breasts are very full, pumping some milk out can make it easier for her baby to latch-on and nurse properly. For other infants who are unable to latch-on because of a birth defect like a clip lip or palate, expressing milk is the only way for them to receive breastmilk for feedings.

So we hope that you choose what is right for you and your baby.

Until Next Time,

Team ScioMom

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