Top Teething Tricks

Between the 4th and the 7th month most babies will show their first teeth. Early babies may even show signs of a tooth or the arrival of a new tooth in the 3rd month. While you celebrate the arrival of the 1st tooth do look for signs of discomfort that babies feel while teething. The primary signs of teething are:

  1. Excessive drooling
  2. Swollen or sensitive gums
  3. Chewing or Gnawing behaviour
  4. Loss of appetite
  5. Fussiness
  6. Sleeping trouble

Simple remedies and most impactful for babies suffering during teething. Parents can try the following:

  1. Just rubbing your baby’s gums using a clean finger or a moistened gauze pad
  2. A cool or cold washcloth or spoon
  3. Hard foods help babies gnaw — such as a peeled cucumber or carrot
  4. A host of teethers can also help soothe babies
  5. Some OTC remedies are also available. Please consult your baby’s physician before selecting any OTC remedies


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