Father child bonding activity

How does a child recognise their father right after birth. The father-son and father-daughter relationships don’t need to start from Age 3 or 5 but can start right from the womb. Fathers can decide and play a key role in the growth and upbringing of a child.
While there is no manual for what works, it is recommended that fathers start early by
chatting with their child whilst in the womb and continue post birth by talking and changing diapers to reading and spending time with their children.

Not all activities have to be fixed responsibilities. Sometimes giving a bath, changing a
diaper, dancing with your child, giving them a massage and reading to a child create
moments which lead to lifelong bonds between fathers and children. Most research
suggests that early connections are lasting connections.
The easiest ways to bond could be through play. From ‘Peekaboo’ to reading to making
funny sounds and surprising a child are all fun and playful things that can greatly enhance your connection with your child.

Fathers can contribute meaningfully across a range of activities i.e. physical, intellectual, and social. The key is to become a part of the child’s daily routine.

The key benefits of early bonding as per multiple research studies are as below:
1. Increase in confidence
2. Emotional Security
3. Better social connections as the child grows up
4. Less likely to indulge in drugs and alcohol
5. Research also suggests that nurturing, playful and involved fathers bring up kids with
higher IQ.

Tips for mothers:
1. Involve fathers early, pre the birth of your child
2. Go to the doctor together especially for scans
3. Involve the father when making the birth plan
4. Pick a name together
5. Talk about how you feel

So here are our tips on how to bond with your child, dads we hope you have a amazing start.

Until Next Time,

Team ScioMom

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