Positive Parenting

Positive parenting is an approach used in childrearing to best support and
promote children in theirĀ  natural capacity for healthy development and optimal
This approach discourages being punitive toward children, but instead strives to
guide and teach children how to be competent and happy through acceptance,
encouragement, skill building, and natural and logical consequences. It is both
about parents having the necessary knowledge and skills and the mindset and
commitment to parent in this way.
The primary goals of positive parenting are that
1. Interaction between parents and children become more peaceful.
2. Children learn to self-manage their thoughts, emotions.
3. Children are taught the skills needed to be successful in society.
4. Children gain a strong, healthy sense of self by feeling competent and

There are several basic fundamentals of positive parenting:
1. Understanding of Child Development.
2. A close parent child relationship.
3. Effective guiding behaviour is essentials.
4. Understanding and controlling emotions.
5. Create a supporting environment.

Now we hope that these tips help you and give you a good approach to parenting!

Until Next Time,

Team ScioMom


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