How to prepare your family for a baby?

News of the arrival of a baby in the house is led by joy which can quickly then turn into nervousness and the beginning of pandemonium. There could be a million things to consider when preparing for the arrival of your baby but we list out the key ones to make your life easier.

  • Self-Care or care for the to be mother. Everyone you know will be giving you advise on everything they know. Its however key to ensure that the mother remains in good health and in a positive state of mind. Physical fatigue and haywire hormones are already causing enough havoc and this leads to both physical and emotional fatigue. Do remember that happy healthy mothers give birth to happy healthy babies. Take a quick nap, go for a walk, try yoga or meditation, stock up on healthy snacks, or get a prenatal massage are all key especially maintaining a consistent schedule.


  • There is no perfect way.Its natural that first-time parents will worry about everything but here’s a little secret: you are going to make many parenting mistakes. No parent is perfect and children don’t need perfect parents. They need committed, loving parents who do their best. Brining up children like everything else has a learning curve – steeper than most curves. Just remember babies are amazingly resilient.


  • Remain a happy couple. Pregnancy is a testing time and once the baby comes it gets even more tiring. All of the madness – happiness, joy and stress can be hard on everyone. Breathe and communicate. Spend time together and discuss your hopes and fears. It’s important to accept differences in both temperament and priorities. Enjoy the pregnancy as a couple!


  • Say ‘Yes’ to all the help you can get.  While it’s important prepare for childbirth it’s always good to let family and friends chip in their bits to make it easier on you. Be honest and tell people when you need rest or need help. Family and friends can be a source of great support before and after the baby arrives. Rely on them to allow for some breaks and support as the big day draws near.


  • Have a plan and trust it.The first baby is like leaping into the unknown. Everything will seem unpredictable and yes, your life will change. Instead of becoming anxiety and stressed plan as much as you can and ease into the uncertainty that comes with parenthood. Having a parenting checklist, a budget and a list of things to buy, talk with your employer and planning leave, what will your daily responsibilities would be along with sharing of responsibilities will make it easier post birth. Yet, its key to remain flexible and remember most schedules and plans will probably go out the window as you adjust to your baby and they adjust to the world around them.


  • The hospital bag. The most important list is what goes into the hospital bag and here is the list of the key must haves:
    • For the mother:
      • The birth plan
      • Slippers, socks, lip balms
      • Something to read
      • Toiletries
      • Any medication that has been recommended by your doctor
      • Return home outfit
      • Breastfeeding bras & pads
    • For the father:
      • Comfortable shoes for you while you pace around
      • Change of clothes, toiletries and deodorant
      • Watch or phone to time contractions
      • Camera for recording the big day
    • For the baby:
      • Nappies
      • Outfit for the trip home
      • Baby blanket
      • One pair of socks
      • Gloves
      • Hat & Jacket
      • Muslin cloth

Keep adding and customize the above the make it your own and congratulations!

Until Next Time,
Team ScioMom

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