How to ensure you are eating healthy while pregnant?

Eating healthy is a crucial part to your baby and your development, your baby must get the right foods to ensure their growth.

Our Top Tips on how to eat healthy:

  1. Make a timetable: Making a timetable of the foods you will eat throughout the week can help you follow your pregnancy diet and eat the right foods.
  2. Avoid Fastfood cravings: Whenever you crave fastfood try and avoid it or make it at home and eat, this way you know what is going in your belly and it is made fresh.
  3. Keep juices stored: Keep fresh juices and fruits stored at home to have.
  4. Try interesting healthy recipes: Go online and check out recipes that will help you make this pregnancy diet fun!
  5. Ask your mom: Mother knows best! Ask your mom for age old recipes that she would make, try learning a few and eat all your favourite foods.


These are our Top 5 Tips to eating healthy , staying fit throughout your pregnancy is a must along with eating the right foods.

Until Next Time,

Team ScioMom

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