Music and how it helps growth of child

Sharing music with your baby is an experience you cannot miss on, calm and soothing sounds always make a baby happy and in the first year through interaction with music can help set the stage for lifelong musical development. Plus playing together helps his brain, motor skills and boosts his language skills.

You might assume classical or calming music is good for the baby but honestly all kinds of music is good for them, if you enjoy it you’ll have more fun listening and your positive happiness will go to your baby.

Studies have found that babies who move rhythmically to music smile more, are easier to soothe, and are more willing to explore their environment than babies who simply listen.

It will help your little one speak sooner, thanks to the lyrics. The more expressive you are while singing, sooner your baby talks. We recommend you sing a song and leave the last line for the baby to complete, even if it is just a grunt.

So music is an important part for your little one to grow, what song are you listening to?

Tell us in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Team Scio Mom

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