Must Do Test & Scans for a baby

Congratulations on starting your journey towards parenthood. The following is a list of tests and scans that are recommended for most mothers.

  • Blood Pressure
  • Weight & Height
  • Urine – check for protein and albumin
  • Pap Test – for early warning signs of whether cervical cancel may develop in the future
  • Group B streptococcus – is a bacteria that’s found in the intestine and vagina and causes no problem in most pregnancies. However, in a small number of pregnancies, it infects the baby.


  • Blood tests:
    1. Blood group – in case of heavy bleeding during the birth of your child
    2. Rhesus factor – Your blood type is either positive or negative depending on whether you have a substance known as ‘D antigen’. Having it means that you are RhD positive else RhD negative. RhD plays a part when you are negativeand your baby happens to be RhD positive as there’s a risk that your body will produce antibodies against your baby’s blood.
    3. Anaemia – Most women develop iron deficiency during pregnancy because extra iron is needed to ensure that your baby has a sufficient blood supply and receives necessary oxygen and nutrients. Increasing the amount of iron-rich food or taking an iron supplement can help avoid iron deficiency anaemia.
    4. Infections like Hepatitis B/C or HIV is also checked
    5. Gestational Diabetes – too much glucose in your blood may lead to this but in most cases it usually disappears after the baby is born


  • Ultrasound scans use sound waves to create a picture of your baby in your womb. There are a couple of scans that are recommended:
    1. Dating Scan – to confirm your due date
    2. Nuchal Translucency scan – check for chromosomal abnormalities
    3. Anomaly scan – checks the position of the placenta, umbilical cord, amniotic fluid, uterus and cervix.
    4. Screening for Downs syndrome


The above is a list of essential checks and one must consult their doctor for more information and should always share results with the doctor to get the necessary feedback on the reports.

So now head to your doctor and get the tests that are required for a healthy pregnancy!

Until Next Time,

Team ScioMom

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