Getting ready for the big day!

Labor is near and so is all of the unwanted advice, anxious moments; certain tips work but some really don’t. We are here to share with you tips that will ease most of your worries and give you the strength to say ‘NO’ to unwanted advice.


  1. Join Pregnancy Yoga:

Pregnancy Yoga will help you to gain flexibility, ease your pelvis intro stretching more which will inturn help you through labor and relax your mind. A calm mother leads to a calm birthing process.


  1. Say ‘NO’ to Negativity:

Studies say that horrid childbirth images as well as videos make women feel uncomfortable which can affect your subconscious mind and create a mental block during labor.Negative thoughts make labor stressful and intensify labor.

Shield yourself from scary Facebook labor videos and labor stories.


  1. Learn a Trick:

Learn a few handy tips to help ease yourself during labor, different positions to try, heat pack application, breathing methods.


  1. Get On Up:

Slow dancing moves, squatting, kneeling allow the baby to move down into your pelvis, it’s like fitting a key in a lock.


  1. Set the scene:

For most women a quiet, dark environment with a soothing scent and their partner is the ideal environment. Inform your birthing center about this and be ready.


  1. Stay True to yourself:

Labor transforms you but it won’t change you into loving everything kids, the sight of your inlaws as you breathe through your contraction. People may push all sorts of suggestions on you: listen but it’s not always necessary to follow them.

Make your labor personalised as per your comfort and choice, it is your life changing moment and should be absolutely perfect.


Until Next Time,

Team ScioMom


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