10 Must Eat Power Foods When You Are Pregnant!

Pregnancy comes with its own set of Dos & Don’ts and not to forget the cravings! However, eating right is one of the key points to remember as this affects your energy and may also affect the health and development of your baby.
It is natural to gain weight while pregnant, but it is very important to gain it the healthy way.
Your calorie intake increases as well as your nutrient requirement that is why it is important to choose healthy, nutrient rich foods!
We at ScioMom are here to help you understand work towards a healthy & happy
pregnancy so we have put together a list of 10 power foods that all pregnant women should eat.
1) Broccoli
Is full of nutrients essential for pregnant women, such as proteins, calcium, vitamins,
antioxidants, iron and others, it is an ideal component of any diet for them. Being rich in
fibre, this will also eliminate constipation, which is very common during pregnancy.

2) Eggs
The ultimate source of protein for all pregnant women. They are also an amazing Super
Food as they have a little bit of almost all the nutrients you require.
Eggs are a great source of choline that is essential for many processes in the body, including brain development and health.

3) Coconut Water
Is a wonderful revitaliser. It is enriched with dietary fibres and can help treat constipation that pregnant women face. It helps builds up immunity and thus protects against infection.
Consuming coconut water in the first trimester helps in tackling morning sickness and
relieves fatigue.

4) Salmon
Is an excellent source for essential omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are essential during
pregnancy and help build the brain and eyes of the fetus. Salmon is also rich in Vitamin D that is important for the processes like bone health and immune function

5) Sweet Potato
Is a source of beta-carotene that gets converted into Vitamin A in your body. Vitamin A is
essential for growth and differentiation of most cells and tissues. All pregnant women need to increase their Vitamin A intake by 10-40%. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of beta- carotene, they are also rich in fibre and aid in digestion.

6) Avocados
Avocados contain high amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids, fiber, folate and
potassium. They may help improve fetal health and relieve the leg cramps that are common in pregnant women.

7) Bananas
Are rich in folic Acid that is essential for the development of nerves, brain, spinal cord of
your growing foetus. It reduces Anaemia and fights constipation.

8) Nuts & Berries
Fat is critical for your baby’s brain development and it also helps keep you fuller longer.
Experts recommend replacing some saturated fats (such as those found in meat and butter) with unsaturated, a form of heart-healthy fat found in nuts. A handful of nuts everyday is required if you are pregnant, however if you are allergic you should avoid nuts like peanuts.
Berries contain water, carbs, vitamin C, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants and plant compounds.
They may help pregnant women increase their nutrient and water intake.

9) Home Made Ghee
Ghee is a healthier choice for fat. However if you are already overweight, you need to keep a tab on the amount of fat you do consume as you can run the risk of becoming obese. Ghee aids in digestion and elders believe that it helps reduce labour pain. It also strengthens your bones and is good for hair.

10) Dark Leafy Greens
Spinach, kale, brussels sprouts and turnip greens are power packed veggies that help keep the body healthy and filled with vitamins like calcium; magnesium; molybdenum; vitamin K; Riboflavin (B2); Folate; most B vitamins except B12; vitamin A; vitamin C. These foods are chock full of what we want to have for our growing babies

Scio Mom Tip: Don’t give into cravings all the time. A healthy and substantial diet will help you gain weight the right way and this weight you will lose really fast after giving birth!

Any other super foods that you swear by? Tell us in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

Team ScioMom

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